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New & Ancient Solutions for
Heart centered living

Here we practice yoga and energy medicine.

All you need is your breath and your body.

Let's see what happens!

Hey there!

I'm Tara Tonini

I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Reiki Master Healer specializing in women’s health and trauma-informed care. I’m here to be your guide in breath, movement and energy medicine. Here we will explore new and ancient solutions for heart centered living.



New Brooklyn Studio!

New Studio

New Classes

497 Carroll St. Suite #22

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Our Services

My Journey

Yoga found me while I was on a journey to recovering from PTSD. My nervous system was in overdrive and I desperately wanted to feel better, so I was willing to try just about anything. But I have to admit something.

At first, I HATED YOGA!

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Let's Practice

Choose your journey.

My classes and private healing sessions are designed to meet you where you are at. Weather you are looking for prenatal yoga, or you're interested in ReikiI've got you covered!

Here's the Truth:

It doesn’t require fancy yoga gear or hours of standing on your head. All it takes is a commitment to yourself and the support of a teacher and community who gets it.


We show up: heart aches and past traumas, strengths and uphill battles and together we take one step forward towards

feeling better

Tara's Personal Mantra

I am worthy

I am allowed

I am loved

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