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30 Day Reiki Challenge

Self Healing for a New Year

Begins January 1st, 2021

Investment $45.00

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Reiki is a type of energy medicine that originated in Japan. The foundations of energy medicine are as ancient as history.


Reiki is a Japanese word. “Rei” means "God's Wisdom or Higher Power" and Ki means "Life Force Energy". (Pronounced Ray-Key.)


You are energy.  


If you prefer a more science and evidence based approach. Scientifically, Reiki is the bio-photon (light) emission conducted from one organic species to another. Reiki balances the recipient’s disturbances in their body’s bio-energy field. As Albert Einstein stated back in the 1920’s through his equation, everything including our bodies is composed of energy.


Fascinating isn’t it? Everything in life is on a scientific level made up of energy. Your brilliant body is made of energy and with your body you have the ability to emit and absorb energy. This is the beauty and power of Reiki. You have the ability to shift and heal your own energy.


You are your own healer.


And I can help guide you.


In this 30 day self healing Reiki challenge, I will guide you through with the support of daily meditations, affirmations and support. Take your life to a new place of healing. Shift out of unhelpful patterns and let the Reiki healing energy uplift you in becoming your best self. 


This course includes everything from my personal practice including guided meditations and exercises to support a deeper connection to your healing abilities along with little reminders for more self-compassion and kindness on even the toughest of winter days.


Reiki healing is for everyone! 


The 30 Day Self-Healing Reiki Challenge is your way to finding complete balance and total zen. For 30 days you will receive one 10-minute Reiki meditation class per day, right to your email inbox. 


You'll get your zen on for 30 days, wherever you like. All you need to get started is an email address and 10 minutes per day to relax and let the Reiki healing happen. Join Tara Tonini and thousands of others on this amazing journey.


Anyone who wants to learn how to calm their mind and be a little bit less stressed-out can join. No previous experience is required.

30 Day Self-Healing Reiki Challenge Includes:

  • Daily 10-minute Reiki healing meditation class.

  • 4 Reiki infused yoga classes to nourish your mind, body & soul.

  • Weekly affirmations for self-compassion and kindness on even the toughest of winter days.

  • Bonus! Receive USD $50.00 off January 2021 Reiki Training (Coupon Code sent upon registration)


Class recordings sent to your email inbox daily.

Investment: USD $45.00

Other Payment Options:

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"My Reiki session with Tara was exactly what I needed after a few weeks of being sick and jet lagged. She made me feel safe and cared for with her gentle and grounded presence.  During the session, I felt as if a fog was being lifted from my body and mind. I went home with a sense of calm and clarity that I hadn't experienced in weeks!"    -Jess

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"I must be honest, I was a bit skeptical before trying Reiki, and wasn't expecting much, or sure what to expect. After my first session, I definitely felt a sense of calm and comfort, which opened me up to another session. And it was after my second session that I felt like I had really come into parts of myself on a deeper, more aware level. I felt totally safe in this space created with Tara, and I was able to be open to the experience and all that it brought. It felt like healing had really begun and I plan to continue the journey. Thank you, Tara."   -Kaitlin

 Tara Tonini - Melinda DiOrio Photograph
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