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Private Yoga

"I learned meditation during my pregnancy. Tara introduced me to a mantra. The one that I used when I gave birth to my son Merlin was extremely helpful and I had asked my husband to remind it to me whenever I was in pain during childbirth. Now I use it to manage the stress of being a new mother and working full time."

— Delia

Private Yoga

Yoga is for everyone. We use the movement of the body supported by the breath to bring the mind and body into the present moment. 


In a private yoga session, I support students with customized practices to meet their goals physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga is a useful practice for managing the stress, anxieties and depression we experience in modern day life.

I specialize in:

-Trauma-informed Yoga

-Pre & Postnatal Yoga

-Meridian Yoga

-Restorative Yoga

-Therapeutic Yoga

"As a Family Physician who does prenatal care, it was important to me that the yoga practice be safe, and that any advice dispensed be consistent with safe care and supportive of different childbirth plans. Tara exceeded my expectations on all fronts. She creates an environment in her classes that is comfortable, empowering and supportive. She seemingly effortlessly leads women with varying amounts of yoga experience, and in all trimesters of pregnancy, through safe yoga poses. She always offers alternatives for participants who are experiencing sacroiliac pain, wrist pain, etc., and encourages participants to listen to their bodies and not push themselves beyond what feels comfortable.


Tara's classes helped me feel strong and capable throughout my pregnancy, and I utilized many of the breathing and yoga techniques that I learned from her in order to have the wonderful, healthy delivery I had hoped for. As a new mother and as a physician, I highly recommend Tara's prenatal yoga classes."

-Rachel Rosenberg, M.D.

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