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“Taking Tara’s yoga class has helped regulate my panic and anxiety. I use breathing techniques learned to calm my inner negative voice. Tara encourages you to be in control of your own movements; inviting you to listen and reflect not judge the feelings they produce. After class I truly have the most restful sleep I’ve had in a long time.”

— Whitney

Bloom Healing Yoga

Regardless of the nature of a traumatic event, trauma can leave the body feeling dis-regulated and unsafe. Many people who have experienced trauma struggle to find words to express how they feel physically, mentally or emotionally. Trauma-informed yoga classes can help people explore and identify resources for self-regulation.

Students can use the tangible tools from their yoga practice in their everyday life. Using these tools as resources for trauma triggers can help a student to begin to create a sense of safety in their body.

In this one hour long trauma-informed yoga class students will be invited to experience breath and movement. Each class will include accessible yoga postures, breathing techniques, choice making and mindfulness practices for experiencing the present moment.

This yoga class was developed with the survivor in mind. When I first started attending yoga classes I wasn't aware that I had symptoms of chronic stress and PTSD. Many elements of the traditional yoga class were triggering for me, but I didn't have the understanding to know why I was experiencing panic, fear and disassociation during my yoga practice. 

Who this class is for:

Women who have experienced domestic violence, intimate partner violence, or sexual assault and are ready to take the journey toward deep inner and outer healing. 

*Please remember violence is not limited to physical contact.


What to expect:

  • Special Spring workshop!!!

  • An environment to explore safety and strength in your body.

  • 15 minute check-in where we get to meet each other and begin to establish a sense of safety before we begin our yoga practice. 

  • 1 hour long trauma informed yoga class.

  • Guided yoga, meditation and relaxation.

  • 15 minute closing circle where we are invited to connect to the present moment & integrate before going back to the streets of NYC. 

  • Opportunity to experience healing without having to tell your story.

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