4 hour
Introduction to
Exhale to Inhale
Trauma-informed Yoga


September 26th, 2018     Brooklyn, New York


Join us for a 4-hour introduction to trauma informed yoga.

Approximately 70% of adults in the United States have experienced a traumatic event at least once in their lives and roughly 20% of these people go on to develop posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.


It’s therefore likely that one or more students in an open level class is a trauma-survivor, regardless of whether they identity with this term. Students may come to class not realizing that the yoga practice may uncover trauma still held within the mind & body. Most students do not expect to have an intense memory, emotion, or physical response during a yoga class.

In this workshop, we will cover…

  • Types of trauma and it’s neurological & physiological implications

  • Recognizing symptoms of trauma and how they might show up in yoga

  • Tools for regulating the nervous system and how one might discharge and process trauma in the body

  • Exploring trauma-informed language and how to incorporate it

  • Asana - benefits and cautions

  • Trauma-informed pranayama and meditation techniques 


September 29th, 4:30pm - 8:30pm


$100 per student

$75 for teachers of Prospect Heights Yoga

Prospect Heights Yoga

184 Underhill Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11238


Graduates will receive a certificate of completion from Exhale to Inhale

This training is Yoga Alliance Approved for 4hours of continuing education credits

This workshop is open to both yoga teachers and non-yoga teachers. Most individuals who attend are  yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, and mental health professionals who are interested in learning trauma-informed yoga-based tools for post-traumatic growth.


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Exhale to Inhale empowers those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault to transform their lives. ETI uses the healing practice of trauma-informed yoga to empower survivors, while helping communities develop skills and knowledge to support them. Exhale to Inhale provides weekly yoga classes at domestic violence shelters and community centers in New York and Los Angeles.

“I came in with some basic background on trauma informed

yoga, so was unsure about how much new information I

would learn. I ended up learning more than I ever imagined

and came out inspired, touched, and with a more nuanced

and deep understanding of trauma informed yoga than I

thought possible.”

- AN, Training Participant, January 2018

“Thank you for a fantastic teacher training weekend! I really

enjoyed the experience. I wish to express kudos for bringing us together as a community, creating a safe space for us to be open and vulnerable, and for delivering high quality instruction. The class you led us through helped me

understand how a trauma-informed yoga class matters – I

could feel the difference.”

- JB, Training Participant, November 2017

“The way in which the training was facilitated was seamless.

The way in which it seeped into me was magical I loved the

intentional way in which community and safety was

prioritized during the training, mirroring a trauma informed

yoga class. I also loved how the nuance and complexity of

trauma and trauma informed yoga was not shied away from.”

-Training participant, January 2018


“I have walked away continuing to talk about the

neuroscience and the bodies response to an exhale vs an

inhale. I am still processing and feel like I will be working

through this training for many years to come. I am so

grateful. Thank you.”

-Training participant, January 2018

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