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The perfect kit for giving gratitude and welcoming love, romance and friendship into your life. This kit comes Reiki charged adding supportive and loving energy to each item. Each kit includes instructions and suggestions for it’s uses and is a lovely gift for a loved one, or yourself. 


Reiki can be translated as universal life energy. It is a balancing, intelligent, harmonizing energy that heals on all levels: The physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.


✦ What’s inside 


-rose quartz: this stone is associated with love and the heart chakra. A powerful tool for nourishing the heart and all matters love related, effective in strengthening understanding and emotional healing.


- white sage smudge stick: to cleanse any space and create a calm, loving environment. This smudge stick cleanses negative energy or thoughts so you can attract abundance, blessings, and prosperity into your life.


- palo santo: combats negative energy and helps clear away negative thoughts and misfortune. 


-wooden carving tool: this tool can be used to carve your intention into your candle. 


-pink candle: this soy candle can be hand carved to set your intention.


-cinnamon oil: associated with the root chakra making it very beneficial for stabilizing intention attracting love and creating passion. 


- Step-by-Step instructions: learn how to create a sacred space and perform a love ritual.


✦ One kit


Made in Brooklyn, New York

Created by Reiki Master Tara Tonini

Reiki Love Ritual

SKU: Love Ritual
  • A great gift for yourself or loved ones.

    Each item is first infused with Reiki healing energy and then packaged with care. Each package includes information on how to use each item along with simple instructions on how to create personal ritual. 

    *Kindly note, many of these items come from nature, making each a unique variation. The items in the kit you receive will look similar, but not exactly as shown in the photograph.

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