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A sacred bath is a time for rebirth and renewal, calling upon us to tune inward and nurture ourselves with divine love. With a mild, sweet fragrance like a field of wild roses, our Reiki Rose Bath Salt is deeply calming to the heart, soothing to the mind, and grounding to the spirit.


Reiki can be translated as Universal Life Energy. It is a balancing, intelligent, harmonizing energy that heals on all levels: The physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.


✦ All ingredients are organic, vegan, + gluten-free - himalayan salt, epsom salt, dry rose petals


✦ Bathing Guide - Pour into bath water (full tub, or foot bath). Immerse yourself, set an intention and tune in to your breath.


✦ One bath / 3 oz


Made in Brooklyn, New York

Created by Reiki Master Tara Tonini

Reiki Rose Bath Salt

SKU: RoseSalt
  • A great gift for yourself or loved ones.

    Each item is first infused with Reiki healing energy and then packaged with care. Each package includes information on how to use each item along with simple instructions on how to create personal ritual. 

    *Kindly note, many of these items come from nature, making each a unique variation. The items in the kit you receive will look similar, but not exactly as shown in the photograph.

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