Moon Centers
Upstate Retreat
Maha Rose North


June 8th-10th, 2018 


The Moon Center philosophy reveals the unique cycle every woman experiences as a human with thoughts and emotions. 
Yogi Bhajan believed women are 16 times more connected to their emotional intelligence. Understanding and fostering mastery of your Moon Centers will allow you to access the highest expression of your divine feminine gifts. 

Examining our emotions as experienced in the eleven Moon Centers can help us to better understand ourselves and live more fulfilling empowered lives. We can cultivate our sensory system by consciously connecting to our breath, balancing our nervous system with exercise and meditation, and using the wisdom of the Moon Centers. With this technology and intelligence we will no longer be distracted or look outside of ourselves to feel, or search for a source of energy because we will be able to energetically validate ourselves by going within the divine essence of our own being using the wisdom of the Moon Centers to experience a sense of completeness within ourselves. 

Through yoga, meditation, kriya, journaling and community you will learn how to identify and embody your unique moon center sequence.

This is a retreat for self-identified women.

Learn to:
-Cultivate an embodied understanding of the 11 facets of feminine energy.
-Transform our cultural epidemic of low self esteem and repressed anger.
-Reclaim your birthright of creative, intelligent energy.
-Experience sacred teachings of the feminine wisdom tradition through ritual, story telling and deep listening. 

Take Away:
-A daily meditation practice to embody once you are home and back to "normal life".
-Course journal.
-Community of women to love, nurture and support your adventure.


Friday 6/8 
6:30pm Arrivals 
7pm Dinner
8:30pm Opening Circle at 

Saturday 6/9
7am Morning movement and meditation practice (optional)
DIY breakfast
9am Introduction to the Moon Centers (Kundalini Meditation and more)
1pm Lunch 
2:30pm Moon Centers (Song, movement, meditation)
6:30pm Dinner 
8pm Goddess Campfire Ritual

Sunday 6/10
7am Morning movement and meditation practice (optional)
DIY breakfast
9am Moon Centers closing circle
1pm LunchFriday 6/8 7pm-10pm 


$500 (includes retreat, all meals & lodging)

 *for payment plans or other inquiries, call the desk, or email*


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Jaime Bedard, LCSW, C-IAYT appreciates that her yoga practice has led her toward a more compassionate way of being with herself and with other people. She believes that a spiritual practice like yoga can lead to individual transformation which has the power to create real social change. She draws on contemplative and anti-oppressive practices as the foundation for relating to others, particularly in her current role as a mental health therapist at the Mount Sinai Hospital Adolescent Health Center in New York City. While Jaime has enjoyed teaching classes in a variety of yoga studios, the majority of her teaching has taken place in community-based settings like schools, hospitals, criminal-legal and mental health treatment settings. As a licensed social worker and trained yoga therapist, Jaime is interested in making the philosophical and physical practices of yoga accessible for all people, so that we may all settle into ourselves in a new and joyful way.

Tara Tonini is the Founder and Director of Bloom Healing Yoga and the Program Director of Exhale to Inhale. She is a yoga and meditation teacher, Master Reiki Healer and Birth Doula. Tara has trained under the top trauma specialists including Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D., David Emerson, Jenn Turner, Lisa Danylchuck and Hala Khouri.Tara approaches each workshop though a trauma-informed lens weaving in creativity along with safety and simplicity to create an environment for choice making, nourishment and accessibility.

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